Monday, January 25, 2010

Wings Of Prey

Wings of Prey is a game of air combat simulation that displays an accurate historical content, visual quality, and flexibility of the various flight modes that allow players of all levels to enjoy it properly.

Wings of Prey offers dozens of aircraft that can be selected by the players. Although felt called to fly the B17, I-16, Ju87 and the Hurricane, some players may feel a bit disturbed by the fact that the campaign focus in this game just to have some type of aircraft.

Campaign undertaken by the various chapters which consists of several missions. Players will start from the Battle of Britain, then moved to Stalingrad, Sicily, Korsun, Bulge, and Berlin. Players must play them all in one sequence, which may be annoying some players, but it is useful to maintain the continuity of the war. Unfortunately, the story elements in each chapter quite thin, so players will only be more likely to feel the action in every mission.

Outside the main campaign, there are many missions that allow players to climb the German planes and Italy. Such missions in the campaign, these missions also have a narrow objective, such as a ground attack, Recon, and others, but the advantage is the players do not need to waste time searching with unclear objectives.

Various flight mode in this game quite satisfactory. Visual realism and arcade mode allows new players to immediately fly the aircraft without having to worry about small details. While simulation mode provides space for hardcore pilots who love a challenge in the preparation and setting the aircraft, G-limit, and the temperature of the radiator.

Outside of these modes, there are some things that may frustrate the hardcore players. Forced to launch a mission directly from the air is what the fans hated the simulation. The nice things about fighting the enemy aircraft was then climbed melepaslandaskan aircraft as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same is true in landing after a mission, fortunately it was a choice. It all was just a matter of taste, there are some players who want to direct the battle and shooting mamasuki enemy aircraft.

Aspects of visual presentation of the most impressive of the Wings of Prey is the mainland. While the planes, lighting, and the condition of war usually get the greatest attention in the appearance of a simulation, the display quality of the land and waters of great influence in making this game look real. In flight, players can see the ground covered by a pile of hay and farm houses, go to the streets in urban areas between the rows of houses are detailed. Atmospheric effects are also very attractive with clouds in the sky.

Above all, Wings of Prey is a great attention to the planes. Used oil in the fuselage, cockpit three-dimensional, the smoke trail from a broken machine, splash water from the landing, all the things that makes this game has an amazing visual achievement. Saw fire and smoke that slowly emerged from the damaged engine will provide an attractive landscape for the players.

The sound in this game was mediocre. Music and sound effects in this game pretty good, but the level of sound volume up and down and inconsistent. Radio chatter is also sometimes overlap and repeatedly impressed.


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