Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FIFA Soccer 10

Is not an easy task to try to exceed the previous games that have been successful. Instead, most developers just failed in his efforts. But it was not the case for the Electronic Arts pan more successful at developing sports franchise to franchise. Look at games like NHL 09, NBA Live 09 and now, FIFA 2010 which has been developed by Electronic Arts with a very neat and nice. It is no big secret, if the gamer talk about the latest franchise, they will ask for an increase in the graph supplied by the game, FIFA 2010 did not disappoint in the affairs of a given graph.

Let's try this game with Virtual Pro mode, where you will start the game by creating a player, design attributes of these characters that can match your desires, make changes to the face can be adjusted to your liking or maybe just make the changes odd-odd, depending on your wishes. Mode this one works very well and even how it works can be said more perfect when compared with the previous version. Even you also can use GameFace feature to upload your own photos and put it directly in the game.

Once finished with figures of your character's body, it is time you tried the player's ability on the field. This is where the difference between Virtual Pro with Be A Pro mode in the past. This time, rather than just being a football player who has the full capability, you can directly use the products of your character in any mode available in the game. You can just bring the character into the arena of practice and try to sharpen your skills, or you can also go straight into Play Now mode. If not, maybe you want to try your luck in Manager Mode, or try to play online and live play Club Pro Championship mode with other gamers. All of these modes you can use to improve your performance as a football player. To help improve your characters abilities, there are some specific goals that you must fulfill and all that is included with the game just perfect. There are developmental in nature is only temporary and there is also a nature to eternity.

One problem that may also be felt by all gamer Be A Pro mode is that you can only develop one character and only one character that is all you will train and develop you. Unlike the case with Virtual Pro mode that lets you do whatever you want and this is certainly pleasant enough. In addition to creating a character and develop the ability to attribute that you want, you can also create a set-piece in accordance with your imagination. A feature that certainly is very suitable for a Kotaker who was a football enthusiast and has its own fantasies about the set-piece like what is most suitable for the use of a team.

Manager Mode still remains to be one part that can not be removed from this game and frankly, this one mode does not disappoint. You can make the transfer of players, you can make observations of other players, to upgrade some of the staff team by using the money you have you get from ticket sales and of course you will be required to meet the expectations that have been given by the ranks of the club owner where you work so that you can survive. Even sometimes you will also get input from the two commentators in the game and they will provide comments and input for you to be more successful.

For issues commentator, two commentators are certainly familiar in the world of football, Andy Gray and Clive Tilsley is doing its job very well and they really can produce sounds that really add to the spirit of the game. Certainly not the commentators are forever making mistakes such as giving a false observation. But that does not mean that their comments will not be useful and in our opinion, they are still able to comment that could help add keseruan in the game.

Player movement provided by Electronic Arts this time also has experienced a remarkable development. If the previous character you can only run in accordance with the eight wind directions are available, so this time you will see movement very smooth and flawless, so you can add the ability to attack and defense with more perfect. You can move in any direction you like, move a foot to the strong or weak, depending on the angle when you're in a position to attack and do some really cool motion.

Performance during the game has been developed in such a way that in accordance with the attributes it has in the real world. Our point here is, if a small football player, so he will not have a strong endurance and will not be too strong when invited to fight for the ball. Unlike the case with a football player high and strong. Of course, this footballer would be difficult to overcome and win the ball he was sleigh. In addition to all the movements you can see it, you'll also witnessed a few scenes where the characters you will lose control and for a short time, they will drop or even lose the ball (it is quite common in the real world).

Unfortunately, the performance of AI given us here still feel inadequate. Although the EA has said that the ability of AI has been improved, we still often find several instances where the AI is just not react to the ball that happened to be in front of them. But, it must be admitted that they have the ability to run a very solid and very often they will ask for the ball to us if they feel their situation is safe enough. It's still a lot of shortcomings here and there, but still changes given here is quite satisfactory.

Graphically, FIFA 10 only gives a little change, but performance is in FIFA 10 is already enough to make you spellbound with admiration. However, it is undeniable that so far, only Electronic Arts who can present a graph that can spoil the eye and combined with a very attractive game.


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