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From the beginning of the game, you'd be taken straight to a world of open-world, with a large number of missions and some groups of criminals who are ready to do anything to prevent that you do not kill their leader, killed a large number of members of their group, steal documents and objects, Other important objects. In addition, you will also be equipped with an old weapon for a start. But you do not need to worry, because as a game, you'll find lots of lethal weapons ever created by humans, ranging from shotgun, sniper, SMG (Sub-Machine Guns), handgun and a rocket launcher. Each weapon also has its own effects that will give the effect of each of the enemy. Not only that, you will also find a weapon powerful aliens that you can use.

Of course, as the game and the higher your level, you will also continuously change your equipment with more powerful equipment again. As for skill trees are full of passive skills, each class is to have one main style that must be used once you wear during the game. Hunter classes will often ask for pet birds to attack from afar, Berserker class will immediately forward to attack and kill enemies by using his strong hands, Siren class will change to become invisible for a while and the Soldier class could be asked for assistance in the form of a turret to help his fight. Well, to strengthen each of the passive skills, you can reinforce it with the points you get from each time you level up.

But, with so many weapons that you can use, maybe you'll soon forget the fact that this game actually has elements of a game like Diablo because actually, most of the time in this game would you spend to kill the enemy using these weapons. Even for the character customization process just seems so shallow, though still quite good. For character customization, you can just change the name and also your clothing color. It's not something that is varied enough, but we think it is quite interesting.

Now start the pull. One aspect that makes this game was very interesting was his enemy. The first enemy you'll find here are of course common enemies are weak. But the longer, the greater enemy, the brutal and certainly will bring a weapon much larger and deadly. If for small enemies, most of them will arm themselves with a shotgun, someone using a sniper from a distance, someone using a shield and a lot more enemies that will make you a hassle.

You're not just going to fight against humans only, but you also will fight against the horrible dog who can jump, throwing dangerous liquids and attack you with it. Anyway, this dog is one of the most annoying creatures we've encountered so far. There is also a creature called Pitch Black Winged could fly, then immediately attack you from the air with the goal of course is to kill you. Worms Burrow is also a creature that was quite troublesome, because these creatures attacking you from below ground and there are also insects that can be used protective projectiles fired at you.

Not enough to make you even more stressed by the enemies, you also will meet with soldiers far more trouble again. It can be seen from all of their equipment much more sophisticated. Is that right? No. That was only a part of the common enemy and you find there are so many enemies that you'll find. For the record, the enemy will not attack you with just a half-strength squad-half, aka they will always attack you with full force. That's just common enemy we share. What about the boss? Do not be surprised if later on you will be faced with the bosses of large and deadly course.

Graphics business, we think this game could be said to offer one of the best graphics we've ever seen. The view you get in a dungeon, dungeon really look fantastic. Even the scenery during the day and night were also seen very clearly. Transportation vehicles is also quite exciting, because in addition to speed the journey, you will also get cool weapons you can use. A maximum of two people who can drive a vehicle, which means you can play this game with your friends in multiplayer mode, another aspect which is also the advantage of this game alone.

It's an adventure to explore the world alone, the mission and strengthen your character can sometimes seem quite exciting. But if you continue like that, we think over time would also seem quite boring. Well, this is the role of the multiplayer modes. In this mode, you can play together with your friends. But, along with joining your friends in the game, enemies will be stronger too, and the items they drop will also be better. Because of that, maybe you want to start considering more often play together with your friends to get things much better. Not only that. If on one occasion you have started dying or even dead, your friends can help bring you back and that too can be done without using any special abilities.

A maximum of four players who can immediately play with and it is recommended, because this is a point that can make you very very addicted to the game, especially when you see it from the combined classes in four-person team. Oh yes, before we forget, every object that was dropped here can freely be taken by anyone. So, if you and your friends like to compete for a falling object, then we suggest that you want to move quickly in order not to be preceded by other gamers.


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