Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NBA 2K10

Although until now EA Sports has always been a pioneer in most sports games, the NBA 2K franchise is still remains a game they have unmatched quality. With a very good picture, games outside and inside the field of fairly steady and the number of features available, NBA 2K is always successfully put its competitors who always tends to produce games that are not too good. Now, after 10 years to act in the world of gaming, 2K Sports will still seem to continue their dominance in the sport. After all this time, 2K Games is also getting help from the Sony, so this game will certainly have a very big improvement and will not disappoint gamers as well.

Of course for the veteran NBA 2K9 will always questioned how the game of basketball itself as being in the field (in the NBA 2K10). We must admit, this game has one game tempo is faster and good enough to play. One change that must be recognized by gamers of all is the turbo system or run fast no matter if you are in defensive positions or attack. 2K10 has added a new energy system where you will be running by relying on two bars given in the game. This bar has two stages. The first stage of yellow and blue second stage. Yellow is a bar that shows you the energy to run and the blue color is your stamina. If you spend a second bar, the characters are you using it will need a break before starting to play again. This is a pretty good way to keep the game will not be like the basketball version of the arcade game where the characters can be used continuously as if spurred not have the stamina.

Changes are also made on the playcalling system (a system where you will provide specific instructions to change the way you play). When the NBA 2K9, there were only 8 types of commands you can use, so this time you will get 24 types of commands you can spend to change the game so that you can turn the situation around the game. It's just that, with the existence of too many choices is, of course, will require some time to choose what order would you use. As it will be as vulnerable enough for you because the enemy can easily win you the ball and put the ball into the hoop without any means of your obstacles. So, it's good you own the right to determine what command would you spend.

There are also some things that seem not changed by the 2K Games. In the previous game, gamers can easily put the ball lay-ups or put the ball in the style of jumping. But this was not maintained in the NBA 2K10 because very often we get the ball we were holding and while we were doing lay-ups, the ball should bounce into it instead of the ring and actually taken by the opponent. Things like this will surely damage the glorious moments of you and it is not impossible that such a destructive and even demoralize you. This time, when you look at the game in this game, every time you want to do a movement that suddenly, the opponent can easily steal the ball and immediately took him away.

Speaking of defense issues, this time feature lockdown defense is back again and this time even more better when compared with the previous. Of course this will only happen when you watch someone who was holding the ball. Well, when your opponent was carrying the ball, you can keep the enemy with a very tight and if you can guess the direction of the enemy fled, it is not possible you can force him to do the double team or even out of the field and lead the team moved the ball to you. Only the biggest problem here is the ball carriers tend to be more straightforward and fast in this game and even they often do not need help from anyone.

For a given AI problem, actually we think AI here is pretty good and effective. But they also often make stupid mistakes that could result in defeat for you. If you ask AI to keep one of your opponent, sometimes he'll just stand still and not doing anything against the holder of the ball. Even the AI is also often movements headaches. Take, for example, AI justu often give the ball to another player who was in a position out of bounds. It's confusing.

Another problem emerges here is 2K10, which very often can damage your timing has been set up in such a way. If you're carrying the ball in the field or are trying to make shots while jumping, this will not be a problem. But the difference as if you've moved to the bottom of the ring, his framerate sometimes be decreased in such a way and will cause you confusion and it is not likely to cause you to lose the ball. This really feels conspicuous in Xbox360 console.

NBA 2K10 for this, one thing that really made us chuckle was amazed offered graph. This time, not just the players look so realistic, but almost every move they do look solid. All things start from the pass from behind his back to attempt to steal the ball is falling freely look so natural, cutscene before the game started well and looked so good when it is animated on the field was quite stable and did not disappoint at all.

Other elements can also be an additional value for this game is the reaction from the audience when you're playing. If you managed to score three in one shot, then the audience will be instantly cheered. If you are a guest team and the position you now is to win, then you will often hear a groan from the audience or even the audience was silent instead. When this happens, usually the speaker will try to improve the spirit of the audience. So extraordinary is not it?

Latest features attached to the NBA 2K10 NBA Today that can provide the latest news, info exchange of players, status and many more topics of conversation are given here. That way, Harlan, Kellogg and Miller will look much more natural and not so rigid anymore like the previous version.

One mode else can you use as a place to develop characters that you use the development mode leagues and teams, which allows you to develop and prepare your team to play together with other gamers. Then there are modes where you can create and shape the careers of the characters that you create and train a character in order to compete with the mega star. If you still had the ability not good enough, eventually you will be sent back to the development league team to improve your skills again.

All these modes are given a fairly exciting fashion and fun to play. The challenge that you will get more and more and you can also create and train your character to become a star in the world of basketball as Michael Jordan or any other characters.


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