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Dragon Age: Origins

A traditional formula where you can create a character, a hero and save the world is not a new thing for BioWare. Not surprisingly, given BioWare is a company with a lot of experience in this regard. Look at games like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. Now, BioWare again presents a new game with original designs and attractive enough, the Dragon Age: Origins. With a cocktail of different game themes, and more intended for the adult gamers, gamers BioWare again indulging in character design and background of each character is unique enough to enjoy all the gamers.

Way of the Dragon Age story itself was so detailed and filled with a very clear detail. The result? An old game with the game long enough. Everything you've done before, will be counted and will each provide a different game flow. The main core of the story itself is about the threat from Darkspawn to Ferelden. Darkspawn This is a race of beings who are born by their magic users who intend to become a god, but ultimately condemned for their purpose. Led by an Arch-demon is very strong, these monsters got up from underground every few hundred years in the form of the plague known as the Blight.

The plan of this Darkspawn would have succeeded if not a barrier from the Gray Wardens. Gray Wardens consists of race officials elves, dwarves and humans. Wardens Gray has a goal to pursue any existing Darkspawn no matter wherever they go. Now, have for centuries since Darkspawn appear and straw in a new Blight more difficult because of the number of Gray Wardens of diminishing. To aggravate the condition, Ferelden also divided due to internal wars that hit.

The world is what will be the origin of the heroes of the world you create, a world that has a picture similar to the products of Tolkien's world. Even so, it does not mean this game has no shortage. As with most games, the story elements here are still suffering from the same deficiency, namely repetitive. Problems that you'll find still ranged from murder and treason. Fortunately, every action you do can bring changes in the way of the story, so that repetitive elements is no longer a major problem.

At the beginning of the game, you will start making things with the character. There are three races you can choose, ranging from the human race, elves and dwarves and also three classes of characters you can choose, ranging from the warrior, rouge and mage. Characters you will also have a general ability and the unique abilities other you can only get from a particular race. Of course there are some tricks that you can only get when you learn it from certain characters from a book or manual that you get. At the end of the game, your character will look like a legendary Gray Warden ever.

When you select a race and class from the existing character, it will automatically select one of the six main stories given in this game. Choose the criteria you want to be careful, because this decision will affect you how the world receives and see you. Along the way, your character may come back to the land where it all began and the people there will respond to you according to what you've done before.

Dragon Age provides some customization features quite a variety. Thus, it is not impossible if you create two characters are exactly the same, but you develop a character that has a completely different abilities. You just need to try out just what character best suited to your preference and you live by expanding it.

During a game, this game will continue to present a large number of choices that will affect the flow of the story of this game. There are several options which will affect the world and sometimes there are options that can even change the flow of the story itself. For example, if you can convince the community that exists to protect the city that was attacked by the enemy or they prefer to run away and escape from an enemy attack? All that will have its own influence in the game, which we think is very great and cool.

Decisions you take will not only affect the world around you alone, but also affect your team members. It could be all the decisions that will change your view of the team members become more positive or more negative to you. There are gamers who might assume that this feature is just a side feature to add a little spice to the game alone, when actually not. There are several reasons for that. First, in line with the increasing opinion of the members of your group for you, then you will get the bonus of a permanent status rutama characteristics. Second, the more group members who trust you, then they would also be more open and will provide a number of side missions that can help strengthen your friendship and allow them to teach you some of their tactics. Third, depending also on how strong the relationship between you with team members, you also can establish a romantic relationship with them.

Connection string for the problem, drawing elements of love feels a bit stiff here and there are so many things that are censored in this game, so make things seem a little odd. But more does not make sense anymore is, members of your group can be regarded as a member of the matre. Why do we call matre? Because only a gift of capital alone, no matter what you've done to them, they will still give a positive assessment of the gamers.

Dragon Age is not a mere romance simulator game. You will still fight with a large number of enemies that await. You can strike directly at the enemy, retreated while to determine what tactics work best for you to use before the attack and set the settings of the characters that you want to fight with the enemy. Noted for players who already feel professional in RPG games, it may be useful to increase slightly the level of difficulty of the game to Hard or Nightmare difficulty because the level is easy.

If you have a group of characters who have terbina well, relying on teamwork is good, you can defeat any enemy effectively and create deadly combo to finish off your enemy. The battle in this game look so fantastic, especially with a very nice graphic and beautiful. When you finish off enemies with a final blow, or when you decapitate an enemy, it all looks so fantastic and very good.


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