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Darksiders is a game that is a combination of God of War, Devil May Cry and some elements from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Darksiders Although not as good as those games, but we think Vigil Games managed to develop this game so that could be a game quite interesting and unique and great to play.

In general, this graphics from Darksiders looks quite smooth and sharp. His voice is also quite adequate and there was fitted with the game, plus the length of time you need to finish the game, which is about 15 hours to complete the single-player mode itself. There are many tools that you can gather, the weapons you can upgrade, combos to learn and also special items you can find. Enemies will you encounter also very diverse, existing dungeon full of puzzles that challenge and there are many hidden things which you can find, it's become a special reason for you to keep coming back to play this game and look for objects these hidden objects.

In this game, you'll play as War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Its power is well known and he is very respected by even those who are the characters of the most powerful enemy even. Although in appearance he is not a typical character that has a hero in general. Everything was caused because the personality of the War itself can be said not too concerned with all things around him.

If you've ever play God of War, then this one element must be very you know very well. After some time you attack the enemy, later on the enemy's head is displayed the image of a button (X button). If at that moment you press the button in question, then WAR will immediately kill the enemy with brutality. Is the movement will always be the same? No. Animation at the time you defeat an enemy is weak and strong enemies will differ from each other. Of course, in this case, while killing the enemy is stronger, War movement animation will look more complicated and cool.

For gamers who are quite proficient at playing games like this, might be interested to increase the difficulty level of the game. We need to admit, the level of difficulty in this game was far less when compared with the bout in the Devil May Cry is comparatively very complicated and even the enemy who came out they were not too challenging as well as God of War. Here, you will not need a high reflexes. So anyone who can actually play this one game easily and effortlessly.

During the game, you'll get three weapons you can use to fight, from the sword that has become your primary weapon, a scythe and a large Gauntlet all that you can use according to your fighting style. One thing we also need to admit to this one game is, this game is not a game intended for those who are already very skilled at playing games like this.

During the game, you also will collect the soul that uses the form of a green ball. The function of the soul is to buy weapons, upgrade your weapons and get a new movement that is more deadly than the stance that you previously had.

Above, we have explained briefly that this game also has elements similar to the game The Legend of Zelda. What's similar? We'll explain here. As a game, you will find a lot of dungeon-dungeon full of puzzles. In each puzzle there, there are weapons or equipment that will allow you to explore locations that previously could not you explore it and even it is not impossible if you will go into a room where there dwells a boss. There are so many things you can find here, from the dungeon map, box prices, a key intended for a particular door and bombs you can use to destroy the wall of red crystals. War will also be accompanied by a horse named Ruin he could ride. As long as he was riding Ruin, of course he could also cut both the enemies around him.

If traced more clearly, this game really did not present an original thing. In addition, there are also some other aspects that make us feel this game has certain shortcomings. One of them is the setting used. This game has one of the darkest setting is there and the world that you meet here can be said is arid and almost not feasible to be occupied again. Everything on the surface is the monsters and demons. But unfortunately, the game failed to create an atmosphere that supports these conditions.


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