Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Saw

Who is not familiar with the name Jigsaw? Jigsaw is not the name of a puzzle used by the children to play. In this case, Jigsaw is the pseudonym of someone who has felt the cruelty of the world on him that has a lot to do good for the people. That person is John Kramer. Which became the beginning of all this is when his wife who was carrying her first child, suffered a miscarriage due to the action of a bully who can not get away from drugs. Because the sense of profound sadness, he was separating himself from friends and his wife.

Any misfortune befall John continued. At times like that, she had been diagnosed with cancer that can not be cured. In sadness and fear that he suffered during that time, he also made observations of those around him and just see that people around him just not showing gratitude for the life given by God to them, even though he himself did not get it from God's goodness.

Starting from there, he began to give them a test and the test is more likely to resemble as the rehabilitation rather than examination. Although said to be the rehabilitation of John, but this test uses the lives of its main stake. As already gamers know, John was finally getting the nickname Jigsaw because he always took the pieces of the victim who did not successfully pass the test. These pieces illustrate that something is missing from the victims who had died and John called it a "survival instinct".

Well, in a game which will also bring you face to face with Jigsaw, you will act as Detective Tapp. In the story, when Tapp realized, she realized that she had been fitted with an iron helmet, and if not successfully released on time, then loses his head Tapp. From here, you're going to start the first game you are trying to escape from the iron helmet. The first exam was not too hard and still you are going through. But should we admit, when we started this game, feeling tense already started creeping ourselves and we were quite excited to get through this ordeal.

Soon after he was free, Tapp realized that he was one of the many people who are trapped in the house (or room) and he has become one of the toys from a murderer. The man who kidnapped her is the one who had always pursued by Tapp, Jigsaw. During this, he always claimed that he never committed murder, and he has always given a choice for them to stay alive and so far, the victims are rarely willing to take the painful choices (mutilation, suicide and murder). In addition, they are also often faced with a series of puzzles that will make you fear and panic.

In the game, you'll meet a lot of obstacles that would kill you instantly killed with a single subject only. There is a trap (the most we have encountered here) shotgun, and there are also traps in the form of electricity. For a shotgun trap, this trap will be difficult to see, especially if you're not careful. A touch of the cable into the main trigger, loses his head Tapp. Therefore our advice is, be careful.

The problem is, just be careful is not enough to guarantee the safety of you in this game. The reason, Jigsaw has placed a key in the lock Tapp and is the key to free the prisoners themselves that there is there. Jigsaw has made Tapp became the most sought-after in the place and unfortunately again, everything has a purpose to kill Tapp in order to get the key. To make the game exciting enough, you'll be presented with a variety of puzzles that enough to make your brain spin fast and under pressure from the death of more and more approaching. But after all this time we play the Saw, this game was beginning to feel a little boring with the collection of the puzzle is likely the same. Luckily the lives at stake here made this game a little bit of life and more stressful.

During the game, Tapp could be arming themselves with various weapons that are in place, ranging from broom sticks, iron bars and a revolver is quite deadly. For Melee weapons which we have mentioned above, the weapon did not have the effectiveness that we expect from a weapon. The main problem here is that every time we are faced with new enemies and start swinging a weapon, the enemy often had launched an offensive to Tapp and lead our attack failed. That is why, during the game we prefer to use my bare hands than Melee weapons are completely ineffective it.

You will also get some other things like blood bars, equipment you can collect to make a trap or lock of some object locked here. You also need to be careful of broken glass which will also very often you meet. Unfortunately again, this is sometimes broken glass you can not avoid and you must pass with bare feet. Every time you pass the broken glass, you will lose blood.

For business graphics, this game has pretty good graphics. Starting from the surrounding environment that is designed in such a way as to cause fear and tension, coupled with a grim design and dark from every room you enter (just look around you are filled with dead bodies, blood, body parts hanging pig, a former corpse people who previously had been the victim of Jigsaw, a pool of blood and many more). Yes, indeed this is a game that managed to make us feel tense and worried because every step that one, either from you or from the way the puzzle provided by Jigsaw, then this means "instant death". All this is also supported by the placement of a suitable voice and distinctive style Saw.


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