Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heroes Over Europe

Before you start playing a game, maybe this is a question we must ask first. Are you the type of gamer who wants to know everything in detail, from the dashboard of a boat until the buttons are detailed in a plane or you are the type of gamer who just wants to use a simple controller, flying straight away and finish enemy after enemy visible? All that really depends on the mission given in the game. For a more casual gamer, it might be more interested to play this game with a similar playing style as well as arcade game. Well, Heroes Over Europe is more focused on style arcade game, where you only need to direct the enemy planes and dropping away. Unfortunately, because the game is not too good, plus a few specific errors in this game, has made games that should be good, be not too good.

Before you start playing the online mode, there are 14 missions that you can run. Serving the picture was still impressed though not good enough really. As a game, you will be given a direct order and characteristics of each person who gave the order you can hear directly from his voice and the history of that person.

Game for themselves do not follow the chronological storyline there and they prefer to go through a couple of years there just to tell the story and that of course would be a bit troublesome for people who are trying to find out how the story goes. Each successful mission you complete, will automatically open the new ships, which each has its own characteristics. There are more suited to be the engine of air combat and there is also a more suitable vessel used as a tool to remove the bomb and ran away just like that.

As usual, given the mission would surely have known by the veterans of this game like a plane. You will be assigned to protect certain forces, destroying ships at sea, killing a soldier and AA guns in the mainland, mainstay kill enemy soldiers from the air and dropped a bomb straight into collection tanks there. Sometimes, you also will get a mission where you have to fly through the streets and undulating flight between the existing buildings.

The mission provided here is actually quite a standard for simulation games flight, but unfortunately, this type of mission is too often used so it will seem a bit bland though you've managed to run the mission. Very often you will face a situation where you have to feel safe, but you will come back again another same enemies, but with higher numbers, or sometimes even come back the enemy with a body size much bigger for you beat.

Even so, there are some additional given here. Supplement is you can get some special attacks that can instantly kill and clean the ceiling of the enemy aircraft. By directing you to the enemy target that is, automatically there will be a gauge that is slowly but surely began to fill. As already half full, it is possible you can enter Kill Ace mode. In Ace Kill, time will slow and allow you to direct your weapon and kill the enemy. Of course it would be more stable again if you can meet the first gauge. Because the gauge is full, even if you've managed to kill some enemies, Kill Ace mode will not go away immediately.

Keep in mind, AI here is less reliable, so you have to do it all their own. With a game like this, do not be surprised if up to a point, gamers are bored and do not intend to continue the game anymore.

There are other several other elements that make us somewhat disappointed with this game. These elements is when you're riding bomber very large, bi-planes or planes that have a high level of agility, it just feels the same and there is no difference at all. Well, for gamers who want to feel he exclaimed full control plane, there is an arcade mode and professional mode. By activating the professional mode, then automatically you will get the freedom to control the aircraft in full and in accordance with your wishes. But according to our advice, should not have tried. The reason, given the level of difficulty because some games are not very fit, will surely make things more difficult, unless you really are a seasoned pilot.

Once again, as we said before, the graph is here is not too well.  Starting from the blast effects, the effects of damage to the ship, model ship to the environment around you look very ordinary and even music can not make a gamer is not going to feel something good enough to remember. This game really did have something to be proud of, but unfortunately not supported with lots of things that make this game fail.


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