Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum

How many games are using Batman as the main character and how that success? That's the first question that arises when we read the news about the plan-making Batman Arkham Asylum game a year ago. At that Eidos still has not purchased by Square Enix and staying as the game publisher. Answering this question, it's rarely the caped crusader has a successful game based on human imaging. Most of the Batman games on the market success story and the runway wearing character from Batman The Animated Series. Perhaps this is because the character of Batman  illustrated considered difficult to form realistic in video games. Batman Arkham Asylum will change that view by presenting gameplay and a very neat story and an epic for the human form of Batman, not the animation.

Batman Arkham Asylum story opens with a scene that Batmobile raced toward Arkham Asylum, in the Batmobile looks chattering Joker figure is not clear in the conditions attached. Batman figure apparently was transporting eternal enemy to Arkham Asylum, where dangerous criminals undergoing therapy. After arriving at the Arkham Asylum Batman met with commissioner Gordon, the figure of the anti-corruption police and a close friend of Batman. Batman felt something was wrong from the beginning of their visit to Arkham Asylum, Joker too fast for him giving up just yet damaging Joker Blackgate prison. This is what makes Blackgate jail inmates transferred to Arkham Asylum and Batman did not like it.

Sure enough when the Joker left entirely to the guards Arkham Asylum, Joker immediately fled to the Arkham Asylum who had been commanded by Harley Quinn. Joker also announced that he had put a bomb at some point the city will he destroyed if the police or regular army had set foot in Arkham Asylum. Faced with unfavorable conditions choose to pursue Batman Joker in Arkham Asylum, and this is where your adventure as Batman begins.

Batman Arkham Asylum have story ideas fresh enough for a Batman game. How it would be like a Batman must fight in a place that it was full of people who hated him. Not just one but all the enemies of Batman's enemies, the Joker as the main enemy of both the core story.

Plus the first value comes from the gameplay. Batman Arkham Asylum has a hodgepodge gameplay. This game has some freedom style games that use the concept of an open world, the concept is supported by some secret and hidden content that we can access when we are reaching or have certain points in the game. This causes us to often check the area around or back and forth to the area previously explored. So for the problem Longevity Batman Arkham Asylum game is guaranteed.

Above plus the new terms of the area and how to play, wait until you're faced with the enemies and fought with them. Batman in this game has three basic movements to fight. The first movement is to attack, then counter attack and the last is the stunt attack. Every movement can be combined in such a way that could produce enough destructive attacks. Try to do counter then forwarded to the stunt followed by a long combo. Certainly you will see the final attack that pretty cool. Combo-combo-owned batman we can also upgrade experience acquired as Batman, so start simple combo movements to the complex combo is here.

We had also had a chance to tell you that Batman Arkham Asylum gameplay mixed enough, never in the battle hodgepodge elements had already seen. The reason we are given many options to defeat the enemy. Starting from frontal attacks to attack crept Solid Snake style. Rocksteady Studios also not forget to add sliding movement which followed a typical style kick Batman. So Batman is in this game is not a figure of Batman reliable gadgets gadgets-for battle. Batman is very strong power even with his bare hands could rip Batman iron lid that blocks the vents, so why are we not using energy to kick Batman's enemies?

Another plus comes from the characters and the voice of business in the in-game voice. For this one advantage we have to thank Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin managed to turn the character of Batman and his friends very well. Watching cutscene in Batman Arkham Asylum was like watching a scene that was Batman The Animated. So for now forget about Christian Bale's voice growling or late Ledger's sinister chuckle, because Batman Arkham Asylum is a different world with The Dark Knight. For the business vote, Batman Arkham Asylum has everything you need to pamper your ears. All material sound in this game has a quality that can given two thumbs at once, especially when combined with the ability to voice the character, Batman Arkham Asylum atmosphere became very wearing. Ever listen to growl Crocc Killer in Batman Arkham Asylum? I swear, we do not want to see the creatures at night.

This game has a feature called detective mode. With this feature we can see through walls, see what our enemies, to see what weapons they had brought, seeking a way out and many more. This game also has exploration system that is easy to understand, you simply turn on detective mode, all objects that can be invited to interact can be seen. This game also has a relatively easy puzzle, the article several places that have made platformer elements quite easily with the hook grapling firing features.

The only weakness in Batman Arkham Asylum game actually comes from the Unreal 3.0 engine which is very famous. Rocksteady Studios because it seems less mastered the use of these engines. If at first glance Batman Arkham Asylum has incredible graphics, but try to see detailed textures and lighting that is sometimes too vibrant. Also this game suffers the same disease with the other games developed using the Unreal 3.0 engine, the shadow moving irregularly. So practically Batman Arkham Asylum has graphics are ok but not exceptional. It was graphically presented Batman Arkham Asylum graphic is only equivalent to Gears of Wars was released three years ago.


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