Monday, January 25, 2010

Army of Two: 40th Day

Army of Two: The 40th Day can be said a combination of Bad Boys by 2012. Broadly speaking, this game is more inclined to film a natural disaster because every five minutes or so, there will be something here and there exploded or started slowly but surely, collapsed. All it managed to provide a certain level of tension in the game you fight an enemy or trying to escape from all sorts of things thrown at you. This game has a game element that is far more developed than before and this shows that the EA Montreal really notice what is lacking in its predecessor game. Although there are shortcomings, but this game is still fun to play.

Unlike the first game, which is several years and also use different settings area, The 40th Day this time will take place in Shanghai setting. Rios and Salem come back again, on a mission for a private military company, Transworld Operations. They took a contract that was very simple: to kill a few guards, put some given objective and get money very much. But once they finished their mission, the chaos suddenly happened in Shanghai. Buildings began to explode here and there, airplanes falling from the air and the chaos that really serious. Salem and Rios have to try to stay alive to find out who the perpetrators behind all this.

Now, the game mechanism is still not much changed from its predecessor versions. On the contrary, the game was even more profound and more interesting than ever before. One of the most interesting element of this game is the option to customize your weapon, a weapon or cartridge change your weapon coated with gold to make it even more effective in fighting you. There are many choices that could paint you choose, there are many options to modify your weapons and you can even change your Melee attacks depending on your equipment. For example, fill your gun with a screwdriver or a kitchen knife and then you will see for yourself what we mean here. Customization process here is very interesting, but unfortunately the second feature for the weapons here too limited. You can only choose one of three weapons that you can choose.

The existence of support given box here to add the option in the game. This is a new addition to the game and during the game, you will find these boxes scattered in each level there. If you do not stop the enemy before they even call for reinforcements, the coffin will be permanently locked. But, if you can move quickly, so you can steal money and also parts of the enemy's weapons, which will mean additional challenges increased.

Aggro system is also coming back here and this time even better. You will return to work together, one person will serve to distract the enemy and his colleagues surrounded and attacked him from behind. But now, Rios and Salem have a GPS, which can be used to mark the enemy and help you find a way out. Once an enemy is marked, you can see where their presence, even when they're hiding behind a wall though. This will further expand your tactical choices along with the efforts you and your colleagues to try and destroy your enemy.

In the first game, single-player mode that is added is actually quite good and co-op mode and multiplayer even better. All this is because AI is given here is not as good and as powerful as a man of course. Well, in 40th Day, AI has given far more powerful than ever before. If in one opportunity you had to hurt the enemy, but not to kill him, then later his colleagues will try to heal him.

Only, AI here is also still has weaknesses. The enemy is less aggressive in pressing you. If Rios need Salem assistance, it is possible that AI will just stand and look away and wait for Salem came to help. Sometimes, there are also problems where the enemy will not attack you first before you attack them. But this is rare and generally, AI here was far more powerful and intelligent when compared to the previous.

AI is more intelligent that it can also help you. On one occasion when you try to use the sniper, then you will partner do the same with you and he will shoot when you shoot. If you pretend to surrender to the enemy, someone you will also follow what you're doing it until you decide to start attacking the enemy. In addition, you can also save the prisoner, so they were influential in the new morality system that will determine your character sebarapa well do this.

This indicates that you have several options you should choose. You can try to escape you and destroy all the objects that move or try to save the captured enemy prisoners and there. If you save people, you will get money or weapons parts. If you kill them, then you lose the opportunity to get it all. In the end, all the decisions you make will affect anything that you get during the game.

Graphics is also one of the main strengths here. Although this game uses only one location, but you will feel yourself how the atmosphere around you look very different and it was all influenced by the game itself. From the beautiful city of Shanghai, turned into a devastated city. There are so many cool effects are provided here as sand and debris that fell from the building, the electrical spark from a broken electrical connections and also the smoke of the explosion.

The design does not sound too good to lose. Voice actor who played a role in filling their voices have been doing so well and the result is a game with a very clever dialogue and has elements of comedy that is always issued at the appropriate time. Most recently was given a multiplayer feature where you can try the three modes are given in this game.


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