Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince is the sequel to 6 of 7 books authored by JK Rowling and should be recognized, both the novel and the movie is selling like peanuts. In addition to his debut in a book or movie, Harry Potter, of course, is to debut in the world game and has recorded a 6 game with the same title with the movie. Admittedly, too, that rarely made a game based on the successful film version. Fortunately this one is not included in it.

Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince told him about the 6th year Harry at Hogwarts wizarding school, where he will be back adventure in a world filled with shades of magic along with his friends, Ron and Hermione. This time, besides having to deal with the enemy, Lord Voldemort, Harry must also deal with romantic nuances that have started burning inside him (not surprising, considering the age Harry was hit puberty).

For gamers who read his book, of course will know with certainty about the way the story of this game. But we will try to translate it as accurately as possible about the 6th year at Hogwarts Harry. But definitely, everything in the series to-6 times this has begun to be serious. As usual, Harry's archenemy, Draco Malfoy is still the culprit of all the fad for so long. Not anymore.

Notes for gamers who have not read the book, maybe this game will not be able to tell more clearly about what is happening. So, advice from us before playing this game, gamers should read it before playing the game fun and have been made with this in such a way that can have its own appeal.

Like in previous games, you will do a lot of activities related to the magical world, ranging from making potions, learn magic to defend themselves, fly using broomsticks, wizard-style duel with another character and do a lot of exploration to reveal very very secret at Hogwarts this many (if gamers still remember the words Dumbledore himself said that he did not know all the secrets at Hogwarts).

In between all these activities, perhaps our activities according to the most unique and exciting is the activities you to create potions. In this activity, you will have 16 kinds of materials you can use to create a potion that you want in a first person perspective. When you play, you'll get an indicator on the right that shows what material you use, and until the stage of colors do you have to stop pouring the material. If you pour excess material required, you will be a screen full of smoke and you'll be prompted to press LT and RT buttons simultaneously for a while to remove all the smoke.

Another element that is not less interesting here is flying. In the Half-Blood Prince, Harry has been appointed as captain of Quidditch and of course have a duty to try to bring his team to victory. In contrast to some previous games, this time all you have flights arranged by the computer and you just try to adapt your movement to try to sort through the star to be getting closer to the Snitch (which is usually golden ball into decisive victory or a decisive completion of the game). If you can not follow the path that has been given by this game, slowly but surely, you will be asked to repeat the game because you have been deemed a failure. So do not look lightly on this one.

Elements of the fight in the wizarding world is also quite interesting. If the fight earlier in the Order of the Phoenix extremely difficult, precisely this time a little easier, but still is far from word perfect. Here are 6 magic tricks you can use. There Stupefy, Protego, Expelliarmus, Petrificus Totalus, Levicorpus and Charging and everything was arranged with the help of your controller. Also different from previous versions, this time you will find the bar before the blood that is not included here.

In addition, now you will receive assistance from Nearly Headless Nick to find the way to your destination. Different from the previous where you only get a few footprints will take you there. Now Harry is already able to run, an additional unique and good enough. We never try, where we made Harry ran at full speed but because it collides with another student who was in the vicinity, Harry actually fell.

Need to be recognized that Harry Potter game is far from word perfect. It is true that this game has a design environment is a very good school, but unfortunately the face of each character that is sometimes just looks like a robot who is learning to speak. But only up to our disappointment there alone, because in general this game is good enough for a standard game of Harry Potter.


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