Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guitar Hero: Van Halen

There are few rock stars who may not know when it was appropriate to resign and retire from the world of music. There are very many bands always tempted lure of money and immediately agreed to do so despite the risk that there has been enormous. One example is the Guitar Hero: Van Halen, a game that uses one of the famous band in the 80s, but the result instead is a disaster.

By using big bands like Van Halen, of course, Activision hopes to re-boost the popularity of Guitar Hero which is slowly but surely this has begun to decline. Although there are appearances from members of famous bands such as Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, this is still not very helpful.

If you claim to be a Van Halen fan and feel that this game is one game that is suitable for you, maybe you'll soon rectify greeting you after playing this game. The reason is, almost half of all the songs are there (a total of 45 songs), not the song ever sung by Van Halen before this. Instead, you will only see the names of other bands that appear in this game. Call it Weezer, Blink-182 and Fountains of Wayne, which is actually the third band did not have anything to do with Van Halen.

All this is exacerbated by the fact that Activision is not trying to get a copyright on the songs Van Halen, especially after the age in which David Lee Roth left the band. Perhaps it makes sense, given the many calls that after Lee Roth left the band, the band had not called the song a true Van Halen. But would not that be better than just relying on songs from other bands?

The only positive value of this game is the song that was a song from Van Halen himself. Their songs quite enjoyable and challenging to play. Even so, the fact that the songs are still not enough to form an album itself, there must be many who Kotakers wonder why Van Halen is not made into a downloadable version of the content (DLC) for the game just another Guitar Hero.

There are other other failures seen in this game. Guitar Hero is, it should be a game that made separately reminiscing and showing the original form of the singers are famous in their time. But what you get in this game, it is a member of Van Halen that has begun with age. To be able to get the appearance of Van Halen when they were young, you have to play the career mode there first before I can get it. Only, we believe at the time you've got the classic version of Van Halen, maybe you already do not have the interest to play again. If you still intend to try, which would you get is the movement of the Van Halen that was very stiff.

Then, whose name is Career mode can also be said quite deceptive. Why? Because here, you're not going to play the Van Halen group through all the steps there as they have traveled before. You only have to pass a number of songs and collect the stars. After everything was over, it was done. You will not find anything related to Van Halen.

In addition, this game still provides a lot of disappointment at gamers. You will not find any features for downloadable contents. There is no option to remove songs from Guitar Hero 5 others. There is no such thing as Party Play again, where you can play together with your friends. Perhaps the only consolation here is a feature of GH Studios, where you can try to create their own favorite rock song for you, then you share with other gamers.


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