Monday, January 25, 2010

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Surely you already know a reliable director named James Cameron. Director of this one was pretty good at his work, especially in terms of film. Just look at the movie Titanic won awards and it proved very popular. Well, soon her new film with sci-fi genre has come out, that is Avatar. But before you saw the movie, maybe you can try to play the first game for which was released some time ago.

Game settings used here is before the plots in his movies and of course the game here is the planet Pandora filled with flora and fauna are very charming, but also dangerous. You will not find a voice like Sam Worthington or Zoë Saldaña, the protagonist of the film Avatar in this game. But you will find Sigourney Weaver's voice and he only very briefly, that is, at the beginning of the game. He will explain a little about Na'vi, being residents of Pandora.

Not long after the game, you will begin to control a member of the RDA (Resources Development Administration) called Abel Ryder, a military member who had just joined the military and have an Avatar. After that, you will immediately be asked to choose between one party Na'vi or RDA. If you choose to fight for the RDA, you will automatically play this game in the mode or third-person shooter that offers you a large amount of weapons and fighting machine that you can use to destroy the environment around you.

If you choose to fight for Na'vi, then you will only equipped with primitive weapons such as clubs, sticks and knives. In addition, you can also use weapons such as arrows for distance attacks. Overall, in fact each have their respective advantages, but in the end, they just offer the feel of the game is very much different.

When finished struggling with conscience to defend the party which, ceritapun road starts. In this game, told that the human race is still as ever, underestimate the surrounding environment. Pandora own planet has become a place of humanity and all research was led by an organization calling itself the Resources Development Administration or the RDA.

Now we will immediately discuss a little about the mechanisms of the game in Avatar: The Game. The game was actually not much different from most games by genre or third-person shooter which was released earlier. Also note, Avatar is a game that focuses only on the battle stories and collecting things. If you expect to find a puzzle, you will not find it. So this Avatar is really just talking about the battle and the battle alone.

Of course, for shooting things, it is also one of the most important thing in a game like this genre, and unfortunately, lack of Avatar just touch on it. You will continue to face with an enemy that is not inexhaustible, and also many obstacles that impede such as plants continue to attack you by using acid or directly attack you with sulurnya and continuous wolf emerged with a very high speed. Beyond that, you also will be faced with a Na'vi the true inhabitants of this planet. But with their primitive weapons, of course it is not a difficult thing for you to kill them. Especially if you've got a vehicle that is equipped with a number of sophisticated weapons, killing Na'vi society has become as easy as turning the palm of his hand.

The game included experience point system. With more and more enemies you kill, you will automatically receive experience points to develop the ability and prajuritmu can constantly get the armor or a better weapon. As a military member of the RDA, of course, all things will become easier and you will be transformed into a force that will not be stopped, especially with advanced technologies that you use. Every time you destroy the environment around you, whether it be plants, fungi, trees and a variety of other living creatures, you'll get a small amount of experience to help you increase levels.

But unfortunately, a game that should serve as an interesting game and fun to play, not developed by Ubisoft managed properly. It is true that you can use a large number of combat vehicles, fighting with a large number of enemies and you can select one of the parties there, but unfortunately given the mission is not too diverse. Total there were only about 3 or 4 types of side missions that you can only find here, namely search and destroy, base protection, on-rails shooting and free-flying mission.

Besides all that, if prior to playing or watching the Avatar we've thought of using an Avatar, you will be disappointed to know that if we only get a couple of occasions it from beginning to end. Not only that, even the movement of the Avatar itself is also not as fast and as smooth as we expect. Not to mention the fact that they did not have complete equipment and really weak.


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