Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Saboteur

The Saboteur can be regarded as the last work of Pandemic Studios, the new studio was soon dissolved by its parent company. For information, Pandemic Studios has also previously issued games are pretty good as Mercenaries and Star Wars Battlefront. As with Mercenaries, The Saboteur is also using the open-world elements. Only, in our opinion not very good results.

Settings used in this game is set in France that was invaded by the Nazis and you will act as Sean Devlin, a seducer of women and also great drinkers. Actually, at first it was just Sean Devlin who is not too concerned with the situation around him and only cares about what's in front of it. At first, he had only one intention which is to follow the race which was held in the Grand Paris. One of Sean's competitors is Kurt Dierker. In the event the race is held, Kurt cheating that makes Sean irate and he plans to ignorant to Kurt. But, all his actions just ignorant even penetrated into a big problem and makes Sean vowed to kill him with a Nazi as well.

Now, when we talk about the difficulties in making an open-world game, of course, we'll talk about how if a person free to act in the game. The Saboteur successfully achieve all that. Every time you get a new objective, you will immediately get assistance in the form of yellow spot on your map, so you can more easily find the location you are headed. Now, in order to achieve this goal, you must have the appropriate weapons to carry out your mission and you must have guessed what you need to do. Now the choice is up to you, whether you want to play this game without following the plot or are you going to follow the story that it has been given by this game.

Starting from here, all kinds of shortages began to appear. As a man, Sean has immune highly unreasonable. To kill a Sean, it takes about 50 shots before he died and that too is still supported by the speed of regeneration is very fast and includes unreasonable. That means, all of the features provided such features for cover and the like are not really work anymore because of this body endurance. Sean can be regarded as a super soldier is hard to beat. The core story, this game is pretty fun to play, but not too much hope on this game.

If you want to try to kill the enemy silently, this game provides these features. But there is a problem here because the wrong steps, you'll be chased by dozens of bullets whizzing behind you. Yes, the enemy suspicion indicator tends to rise quickly and if the limit is reached, then the alarm is sounded and you can do is run away before your body becomes a beehive. When the alarm was sounded, then you should immediately turn off the alarm if you want to run your mission calmly and was also one of the biggest problems that you have to face when compared with the current mission you are running.

Here, you not only can kill the enemy with it quietly, but you can also become one of the undercover Nazi soldiers to avoid suspicion by the other Nazi troops. The problem is, you disguise it will not last long and the problem was compounded by the fact that there are some special soldiers who can recognize you and cover to turn on the alarm. It only takes a few missions just to make us feel that the features of this sink in disguise and less exciting. Another thing we also feel are disturbing enough, with only one eruption capital weapon, whether it is killing people around or not, the Nazis would have scrambled to come to where you blow up your weapon.

Just as the game-open-world games in general, you can drive anywhere you want and you can save your favorite vehicle in the garage for your use later. Only here the vehicle control was a little too stiff so that it can seem a bit difficult than fun. In addition, Sean, too, can climb any building as well as Assassin's Creed. Unfortunately, an animation when Sean was climbing seem strange and not visible as smooth as Assassin's Creed. In general, it is to climb here features work well enough, but still there was a feeling of satisfaction when he saw Sean's climbing, especially if you've played Assassin's Creed 2 earlier.

One of the main features offered in this game are white, black shades covering the city. Black and white is intended to indicate that the communities around living in fear because of the Nazis. Every time Sean successfully completed its mission in a certain area, you'll see colors again appear in the area indicating that hope has reappeared in the population.

Indeed this game is not a completely disappointing game, but we feel this game could have a better offer than this. Overall, if you only have to run its main mission, you will take about 13 hours to finish the game. In addition, there are also some side missions are quite interesting to you playing.


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