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Assassin's Creed II Review

Remember the character named Desmond Miles, a bartender who was abducted by a large company called Abstergo and eventually used as guinea pigs in their efforts to control the minds of mankind. In the first game, Desmond forced into the Animus machine, and finally back to the Altair, where his ancestors were.

Now, we'll be back again with Desmond's adventure in uncovering the secrets of the past and this time he will serve as a young man who eventually turned into a killer named Ezio Auditore da Firenze (henceforth, we will use Ezio name only, because of his full name is too long ). For this one game, it appears it will be more focused on revenge for the death of his father and also his two brothers who have been betrayed by his own friends. Before we proceed any further, please note that Ezio is one of Desmond's ancestors, too.

Settings used in this game is the end of the 15th century and early 16th century in Italy in the Renaissance, approximately three hundred years after the events in his first game. In Assassin's Creed II, you will be given an open-type game world, where you will be able to freely roam around and do all of you with a free action. A total of 4 areas you can explore here is, Venice, Rome, Florence and the Tuscan. This time, you will also have the ability to swim and use a canal in Venice as a place to hide from the pursuing enemy and you can even use to draw the enemy who happened to be passing by you to kill him.

Do not miss too, you also will meet with one of the characters from the world history would have you know, the Leonardo da Vinci. In this game, Leonardo also has a role big enough, where he will be a supplier of weapons for use by Ezio. In fact, Leonardo was the change weapon knife owned by Ezio so as not to give up the ring finger, as done by Altair in the previous game as proof that he is a member of an organization's killer.

You will also find lots of weapons can you use like halberd, hatchet, spear, sword, short sword and some other sword that you can use in accordance with your wishes. For extra, you also will get six additional weapons that you can go when you've finished Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines with the connection between your PSP with your PS3. To make this game more exciting, you can also use the weapons being used by the enemy to kill them (backfire). In fact, later you can also kill the two enemies directly by using a hidden sword in hand Ezio. Indeed the Ubisoft has promised an additional lot for this game and we must admit is very satisfied with the Assassin's Creed II.

For those who have never played the first game, we will describe some of the features included in this cool game. The first feature is a feature where you can try a method to blend in with those around you in order to deceive the guards who were chasing and looking for you. The second feature is the existence of hidden weapons there in Ezio powerful enough to be used here. The third feature is a feature where you can use any means to divert attention from the guards from you in a way that is quite unique and we will not reveal it here because it will be a surprise in this game no longer exists and there are several other features which will also be very interesting for you find here.

Along with the increasing number of missions have you lived, the more popular also (increasingly being pursued) the Ezio this. So the only way to reduce the level of suspicion of Ezio was bribed by some stakeholders, tore the posters wanted Ezio and kill witnesses who witnessed the earlier you act. Ways reasonable and sufficient to give the impression of reality in our world.

You can also perform some other action that is exciting. For example, you can steal from passersby in the street and you can even go to buy armor and weapons for your own self. For each armor that you buy and you are using, then it will also change the appearance of both this Ezio. Then you also will find some place to hide (the majority is shaped like a pile of hay) that you can use as a place to hide. Just do not be too sure that the hiding place that you use is secure. In Assassin's Creed II this, there is no safe hiding place. On one occasion, when we were trying to escape from the guards in pursuit, we try to enter into a cart full of straw in the hope of escape from them. But just when they were looking for it, there was one guard who came and jabbing their swords brought into the straw Ezio hiding place. The result? Ezio caught and we had to flee again.

Not finished with it all, when we were trying to climb the wall to reach the roof, a few guards who recognize the existence of this Ezio immediately took a few ways that we think quite unique. There are some guards who went straight to the nearest ladder and climbed to the roof where Ezio be. In addition, there are also other guards who immediately took a stone and threw Ezio. Result, direct Ezio fell and was forced to flee further. It really gives the impression that the game we play is a very exciting game and very original.

Now, after playing this game for a while, we realized there was some movement Ezio unique and really gives the impression of reality (though not all). By the time you've changed your clothes to cloak an assassin and find a hidden sword in the hand of Leonardo, the moment was walking on a public street, Ezio will always cover the hand where the sword hidden in his coat which he used to avoid attracting attention from the crowd. Pretty cool. But the strange thing is when we've killed a guard who was on the roof. At that time, we deliberately raised the corpses of the guards and throw it straight from the roof. The result? People who are under just cried out in surprise. After that, there is no other response, as if the bodies we just throw it all just a doll.

Missions are presented, the average is also quite interesting and very challenging. Many missions are forcing us to test our ability to control Ezio on the roof. On one occasion, we met with a thief who challenged Ezio to get past the record he has to pass a certain checkpoint in a given time. If you are not familiar with a given movement, then we can guarantee you will be a little difficult to resolve. But over time, we are also very confident that you'll be getting used to the controls provided by Ubisoft is in control Ezio.

Overall, we did not feel the difficulties and peculiarities (except when you throw the bodies down and the people around just shocked and did not do anything) and we think personally, this game should be played by those who are first-time play this game as well as those who have followed the pursuit of his first game since Desmond.


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