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Left 4 Dead 2 Review

Finally, after one year since the release of Left 4 Dead, a sequel to the best-selling game has been out. If there are doubts about the quality of the sequel to one of the games first-person shooter ever selling then you no longer need to hesitate with this one. Left 4 Dead 2 we can say even as an almost perfect game and far better when compared with its predecessor. But, should we tell in advance, that in this game you will not find anything new in addition to previous features that have been upgraded and improved so much.

The results we feel now after playing Left 4 Dead 2, we found it difficult to return to the first Left 4 Dead without a sense of disappointment. Keep in mind, the first Left 4 Dead, there are 4 campaign you can play and there is only 2 campaign which you can use to play a versus mode. Unlike the case with Left 4 Dead 2 which has 5 more comprehensive campaign and has more cool setting and a variety of action-action that cool and look fantastic, characters look more animating provided, there are more modes you can play. In short, this game will provide more features than its predecessor.

For you who have never played this game, we will describe a little about Left 4 Dead. This game tells of chaos on earth, which is now filled with zombies and you'll play as one of four people who survived and were trying to escape through a bunch of zombies that can run fast and try to escape to the next area. This time the sequel use the settings in South America, and this time the characters used here seemed more alert and aware of the situation right.

In Left 4 Dead 2, you will not be able to live if you just put yourself just to be safe. You have to work together as a cohesive team (the team consists of 4 people) and you should always communicate with other players to inform you the conditions now and ask for help on another friend when you're in trouble. Once again, the difference is with the first Left 4 Dead, where each level you pass, the game will feel the same, Left 4 Dead 2 has a special AI which would set the difficulty level of this game, depending on how you pass each level there.

Remember, too, especially for you the first time playing this game, the zombies will attack you without any warning and you will be forced to always be alert to the situation around you. There are several levels of difficulty in this game, which is normal and expert. The normal difficulty level is the level of difficulty is most suitable to be played by those who are beginners, and as usual, the expert difficulty level will be a meal for those already familiar with this game.

When playing anything, you can join your friends the other and play together to pass a bunch of zombies are waiting and looking for opportunities to attack you. Until a time when there is someone you know who already do not want to play anymore, then you do not need to worry. After the friend left, then he uses karater it will soon be replaced by AI. Fortunately. AI this time has a solid enough ability to do his job. He can shoot accurately, exchange weapons, other characters heal the wounded and the exchange of goods if necessary.

Another mode is also quite challenging here is the versus mode, where you will play together with your friends as one of the two existing parties (human or zombie boss) and dealing with four other players who played one of the parties, depending on what choices you . Boss zombie we mean here is a zombie who does have a unique ability and different from zombies in general. Examples are Tanks, Boomer, Smokers and Hunters. In addition, you will also find a new boss as Spitters, Jockeys and Chargers. Even their boss who is here will have their ability. Spitter for example, has the ability to create a pond filled with poison to cause damage to those who entered the pool. Jockey, such as name, will use his ability to drive one of the survivors and drive in accordance with your wishes. If you can manage with good strategy, it is not possible you will win the battle against the enemy.

Biggest changes not only the mechanism of the game and the boss, but also in graphic design offered here. If previously you would only fight against the zombies in dark places, so this time you will get a chance to fight in other places more exciting again, starting from the swamp, where the circus, to the construction site was bathed in bright light beam. To make the game becomes more complicated and more exciting, you will also find a large number of weapons you can use here. If previously you could only use the rifle fire alone (with a very limited type), so this time you will find a variety of cool weapons you can use. There are a number of gun fire that you can use as a variety Rifles, SMG (sub machine gun), shotgun and sniper that you can choose. Not only that, this time you will also get a chance to use a Melee weapon to beat the enemy and some types of bombs you can use to kill the enemy. Melee weapons examples given here is a dagger, katana and chainsaw. This new addition will certainly give the sensation of its own called for this game.

There is one extra that we think is a pretty solid addition, but also dangerous. Is the presence of additional Grenade launcher. This is an effective weapon to destroy a group of zombies who come in clusters, but the problem is, this weapon can also cause damage to the friends around you if not careful. Perhaps as an alternative to this Grenade launcher, you can use a tank of gas spread throughout the level to eliminate the enemy. So much safer right?


A fast tempo game, attacking the enemy quickly and boss characters that can come without any prior notice, it will make the adrenaline in you to move quickly. Not to mention, sometimes appears difficult enemies as Jockey. So you must be careful not to get caught by the enemy on this one or you will lose your life if someone else could not save you.

Talking again about the graphs, grapich for Left 4 Dead 2 is clearly better when compared with its predecessor. Perhaps this is due to the full level setting with the sun. The result, which came zombie attack would look more real and scary when compared with the previous. One more thing we need to remind you, this game is a sadistic game where you will take out enemies with a very cruel and you will often see the mutilated zombies here and there and the spilled blood here and there.


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